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FTP Server for Topfield    FTP Server for Topfield TF - Rename    TF - Rename
Enables file access on the TF5000PVR/TF5500PVR(t) over the network, using a PC connected to the Topfield receiver by USB as bridge. It is an alternative program for Altair, and normal FTP clients can be used for accessing the files on the receiver. TF Rename examines each file name at the Topfield PVR for special characters and replaces these by a pre-defined indication. Problems, which arise when copying files with special characters, can be prevented with TF - Rename.
TF - Addon for Project X    TF - Addon for Project X PVR Component Suite    PVR Component Suite
TF - Addon is an installer for several plugins for Project X to access files on Topfield harddisks. The hardisk can be accessed if it is mounted to your PC (directly or via USB2) or through a USB connection to your Topfield receiver. This Delphi component is designed to access the hard drive of a TF5000PVR via USB. Based on the USB - interface of Altair it provides several useful functions for direct file access.
Easy PVR Advanced API    Easy PVR Advanced API TF - Copy    TF - Copy
This DLL Wrapper is designed for C++ and VB developers to access the functions of the TFDLL.DLL in a more easy way. With this command line tool you can copy files from and to the hard drive of a TF5000PVR via USB. It supports wildcards and can be used with a batch file.

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